Use You JioFi Portable Wi-Fi Device to Stream Cricket Matches


We all get really annoyed when we cannot watch an important cricket match due to other commitments. For example, let us pretend that you have a business trip out of town, and you are on a train that has no free Wi-Fi available, meaning that you can stream the match. This is where Jio-Fi comes into play.

Use Our Device to Stream Cricket Wherever You Are

Missing a cricket match that you really wanted to watch is a thing of the past with us because our device allows our customers to stream cricket wherever they happen to be.

You might think that the internet that you will receive from our device will not be strong enough to allow you to watch a live game without the stream stopping to buffer every thirty seconds or so, but you would be wrong to think this.

Our Device Will Give You Fast Internet Speeds

We know that there is nothing worse than trying to watch a cricket match on a portable device and missing most of the action because the stream keeps stopping all the time. It is annoying to lose the stream only to get it back to see that you have missed a wicket or one of the best shots of the match. This is why we have made sure that this will never be the case when you are using our device.

Our technicians have done a lot of hard work to ensure that our customers get nothing but fast internet speeds with us. This means that when you are watching a match on your mobile, there will be no stoppages in play (unless it starts to rain of course). There will be no more swearing to yourself when you miss ten minutes of action just trying to get the stream working again. We value our customers and will always update our technology to ensure that you always get the internet speed that you design.

There is One Negative Though…

If you decide to purchase one of our devices so that you can watch cricket wherever you are, please don’t complain when everyone in the vicinity is trying to crowd round you to keep up to date with all the action as well.

This is just the price you might have to pay for being the proud owner of one of the best portable Wi-Fi devices on the market.